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Meillä on pentuja, yksi tyttöpentu etsii omaa kotia.


Jenna & Antti Laurila
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ill titleWelcome !

Welcome to my webpages! I hope you enjoy visit here!

ill_1You'll find some information about my pugs and their show & health results here.


ill titlePresentation

I'm a lady from Lahti and I have pugs and a rabbits at home. I live with my husband Antti and our pugs Meeri's daughters Ester(Oscularia's Made You Look) & Frida(Oscularia's Moment of truth), Ester's daughter Ruth(Oscularia's Nothing To Lose) & our "latest Troppola queen" Greta(Troppola Going To Graceland)  and our mens of house Edu(Troppola X From Outer Space) & Swedish man Felix(Duovas Lord of The Ring) & Ruth's son Fredrik-Gustav(Oscularia's Follow The Leader) lives with us. ill_2

I also owned Grace's daughter Mirkku(Troppola Mirelle Cherie) and Meeri(Oscularia's Merry Go Round) live with Antti's parents.

I think health and natural forms of treatment are very inportant for dogs. All of my dogs eat mainly raw food and also puppies are raised by raw food. Since you never know too much, I'm always studying about natural treatment and feeding.